UPDATE 1/25: HB 631 passed the Judiciary Committee and will be headed to the full floor. Call your local Representative and urge a NO vote.

On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee will vote on HB 631, which attempts to take away existing beach access ordinances and prohibit all local governments from passing customary use ordinances in the future. Click here to learn more! Please take a moment to call the members of this committee and politely ask the to vote no on HB 631. Click here for talking points!



Rep. Chris Sprowls, Chair- 850-717-5065
Rep. Shawn Harrison- 850-717-5063
Rep. Cynthia Stafford- 850-717-5109
Rep. Ramon Alexander- 850-717-5008
Rep. Danny Burgess- 850-717-5038
Rep. Cord Byrd- 850-717-5011
Rep. John Cortes- 850-717-5043 (Note-Rep. Cortes was the only member who opposed this bill when it was up in its first committee. Please thank him for voting no!)
Rep. Ben Diamond- 850-717-5068
Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen- 850-717-5078
Rep. Joseph Geller- 850-717-5100
Rep. Julio Gonzalez- 850-717-5074
Rep. Erin Grall- 850-717-5054
Rep. Bill Hager- 850-717-5089
Rep. Larry Metz- 850-717-5032
Rep. George Moraitis- 850-717-5093
Rep. Daniel Perez- 850-717-5116
Rep. Scott Plakon- 850-717-5029
Rep. Sharon Pritchett- 850-717-5102
Rep. Emily Slosberg- 850-717-5091
Rep. Ross Spano- 850-717-5059
Rep. Jay Trumbull- 850-717-5006