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Constitutional Revision Commission Weighs Nearshore Drilling Ban

Every twenty years the Constitution Revision Commission meets to propose amendments to the Florida Constitution. The Commissioners are appointed by the Governor, Senate President, Speaker of the House, and Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court. The Commission is currently meeting to consider over a hundred proposed amendments, including P 91, by Commissioner Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch. P 91 would prohibit drilling for oil or gas in Florida's nearshore waters. If the proposal passes through its two committee stops, it will head to the ballot in November where it will need 60% voter approval to be implemented.

P 91 has already passed through its first committee stop in General Provisions, and is headed to its final committee stop in Declaration of Rights this Wednesday at 10AM. We encourage those concerned about the environmental, economic, and recreational impacts of offshore drilling to contact the committee members and ask for their support!

Declaration of Rights Committee

Chair Lisa Carlton,, 941-218-0142
Commissioner John Stemberger,, 850-329-0805
Commissioner Erika Donalds,, 850-270-8283
Commissioner Emery Gainey,, 850-296-0898
Commissioner Marva Johnson,, 850-792-6574
Commissioner Arthenia Joyner,, 850-591-0625
Commissioner Dr. Gary Lester,, 352-775-7890

-Ask Commissioners to vote YES on P 91
-Let Commissioners know why you think Florida's coasts, tourism economy, and quality of life are too important to risk to oil and gas exploration!