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SF Ocean Friendly Gardens Hits Amazon

How-To Gardening Guide Helps Protect Our Oceans, Waves and Beaches

SAN CLEMENTE, CA (November 13, 2009)
– There is a new buzz in the landscaping world — residential gardens that incorporate beautiful plants that thrive in our local climate and limit the necessity for irrigation and maintenance.  The Surfrider Foundation and landscaping expert Douglas Kent have taken this concept a step further to include simple design ideas that will dramatically reduce runoff from properties that pollute creeks and beaches in a new manual available now for novice and expert gardeners: Ocean Friendly Gardens: A How-To Gardening Guide to Help Restore a Healthy Coast and Ocean.

Taking cues from the Surfrider Foundation’s “Ocean Friendly Gardens” program, the book describes how green-thumbs can help restore our precious oceans by applying simple practices to their gardening and landscaping routines including CPR - conserving the use of water, fertilizers and pesticides, increasing permeability so the landscape or garden holds more water, and developing water retention areas.

“With a growing trend of creating beautiful gardens that used native plants and other ‘climate-adapted’ vegetation, we wanted to show people how they could also help reduce water pollution,” said Chad Nelsen, Surfrider Foundation’s Environmental Director. “The result is a fantastic program

The Surfrider Foundation’s “Ocean Friendly Gardens” program developed from members’ personal contributions to their gardens and landscapes in an effort to restore and protect our oceans, waves and beaches. The results were unique and beautiful residential gardens that attracted the admiration and curiosity of the community.

Ocean Friendly Gardens: A How-To Gardening Guide to Help Restore a Healthy Coast and Ocean is available now at <> .