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Clean Oceans, Healthy Beaches Day

Our oceans are becoming more acidic and water quality issues have become of great concern to all Floridians. The state still has not increased DOH Healthy Beaches Funding so we can have statewide weekly testing of Florida's beaches and timely alerts.

In the meantime, our ocean is turning into a plastic soup. While other states and local governments have state-wide alerts and are banning single-use plastic bags and foam foodware, the Florida Legislature has has banned cities and counties from regulating single-use plastic bags and foam foodware. In fact, it was eleven years ago that the Florida Legislature preempted local regulation of plastic bags and 16 years since we had universal weekly water testing. After all this time, the Legislature has failed to provide any statewide regulations on plastic pollution or adequate water testing protocols and appropriations.

That's why activists from across the state will visit Tallahassee for Clean Oceans, Healthy Beaches on January 27th, 2022 to ask the Legislature to fully fund our Healthy Beaches Programs and restore home rule to allow local governments to ban single-use plastic. Registration open now!

Join us and stand up for Clean Water and Healthy Beaches!