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Surfrider Florida Celebrates Two Victories to Close Out 2022 Legislative Session

On June 24, 2022, Governor Ron DeSantis took a number of actions on bills that came out of the legislature during the 2022 session, including two Surfrider campaigns. Thanks to the advocacy and activism of Surfrider's grassroots network in Florida, we ended the legislative session on a high note with two notable victories.

HB105 was the focus of Surfrider's 'Smoke Free Beaches and Parks' campaign, a bill that effectively repeals the state preemption on banning cigarette smoking (and litter) from Florida's beaches and parks. Surfrider's Florida network activated to call on the Governor to sign the bill after years of tireless advocacy in support of smoke free beaches and parks. The bill was signed by the Governor.

SB620 was the focus of Surfrider's 'Protect Local Conservation Ordinances, Florida!' campaign, a bill that would have allowed businesses to sue local governments for ordinances that would potentially impact profits. Surfrider supports home rule in Florida, the right for coastal communities to self-govern, and efforts by municipalities to protect their environment. Surfrider's staff and chapter network vehemently opposed the bill and advocated for the Governor to veto the bill following session. The bill was subsequently vetoed by the Governor.

These victories are proof of the power of Surfrider's activist network and we celebrate these campaign wins for Florida's coasts and beaches!