CatMarchCongratulations to our March Volunteer of the Month, Cat Uden! Cat hails from the Broward County Chapter where she currently serves as Volunteer Coordinator. In this role, Cat organizes and executes the chapter’s monthly beach and waterway cleanups. Recently Cat organized an urban waterway cleanup in downtown Ft. Lauderdale and managed to recruit 30 volunteers on SUP’s! In fact, even though Cat has only been Volunteer Coordinator since early this year, she has already lead over 100 volunteers in cleanup activities across the county!

Chair Chelsea Wilder writes, “Cat has been an amazing volunteer with our chapter and we’re very excited that we were fortunate enough to start this year with her joining the Board as Volunteer Coordinator. No one is more dedicated to keeping our beaches and waterways clean and making sure that all volunteers have a great time in the process! I can’t wait to see her grow with the chapter over the course of this year! She is a truly wonderful addition to our team and a savior for our waterways!” Thank you for all that you do for our oceans, waves and beaches, Cat!