Please tell Congress to oppose new legislation that would fast track new offshore drilling in our ocean waters. House Bills 1229, 1230, and 1231 would accelerate the leasing process for offshore drilling and mandate new drilling in sensitive ocean areas off virtually every coast.

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As the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico demonstrated, offshore drilling is an inherently risky activity that can devastate the health of our coastlines. Yet, instead of addressing the safety and environmental issues that the BP disaster exposed, HR 1229, 1230, and 1231 would actually weaken oversight of offshore drilling and expand drilling to new places that have not been drilled before, including the Atlantic, eastern Gulf, and much of the Pacific.

Our nation’s coasts provide billions of dollars in economic revenue through recreation, tourism, and healthy seafood. We must protect these benefits from the risks of offshore drilling.

Please make your voice heard and tell your Representative that you support protecting our coasts from expanded oil and gas development!