Surfrider Foundation is a member of the Southeast Coral Reef Taskforce. As a member of this group we are involved in a number of working committees to identify how to best protect our reefs. We are conducting a project concerning the management of coral reefs and associated resources in southeast Florida. We are particularly interested in your opinion on the condition of certain resources, your views on how these resources are being managed, and most importantly, your suggestions on how better to manage coral reefs in the region.

We have developed a 20-minute video that goes over southeast Florida coral reef resources, their condition and trends, present management approaches, and future management options. We request that participants in our project please first view this video, which is available online at, and then complete a very short survey, which can also be accessed via

Your input is highly valuable and we encourage that you please participate to provide your opinions to Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) on the effectiveness of the regional coral reef management and best ways to better protect these resources.

If you have any questions concerning the study, you can contact the project leaders, Manoj Shivlani (Email: or Maria Estevanez (Email: We look forward to your input!