Much thanks to Matt Walker, Surfing Magazine’s Senior Editor, for a great story that has and will inspire others to act locally. This story is not just for surfers, it reminds each individual that we are ultimately responsible for protecting what we love and need for our future. It tells each person that they themselves have to act, and not only that, Matt explains how we need to group together to actually make an impact. That all being said, here is that opening paragraph. I hope it fires you up to read the whole story and to act to protect.

“I have a dream. Actually, it’s more of a nightmare. It’s a vision of coastal communities filled with pavement but no parking. Where cultures founded on the idea of whole towns enjoying the beach together finally give way to walled seaside country clubs for the private few. Where surfers who don’t own an oceanfront home can’t reach the ocean. And where industry and development leaves America’s waves so polluted that we finally stop trying. It’s a vision I hope won’t come true, but all signs show that, with time, it will. And it’s all your fault.”
–Matt Walker, Senior Editor for Surfing Magazine

Link to Jim’s Blog on the story which has the full article.