Ever since the federal administration announced new proposed oil drilling leases in The Gulf of Mexico and Alaska, there has been immense public opposition to this destructive practice that has devastated our marine environment, damaged local economies, and is a major contributor to the world’s climate crisis. The Surfrider Foundation, like countless others, is in strong opposition to this proposed plan, and has relaunched the Sign-the Surfboard campaign for the state of Florida for 2022.

What is the Sign-the-Surfboard Campaign?

Our Sign-the-Surfboard campaign is an active step to demonstrate the coastal recreation industry‚Äôs opposition to offshore drilling and seismic testing in the Atlantic and Eastern Gulf of Mexico.  Coastal recreation and tourism are major economic drivers for our communities and the nation as a whole.  And the expansion of offshore drilling in the Atlantic and Eastern Gulf of Mexico would pose a serious threat to these industries by threatening our natural resources, local economies, and way of life.

The Sign-the-Surfboard campaign officially launched in Tampa, Florida in late August

The surfboard will be traveling around the state of Florida, and local Surfrider Chapters will be collecting signatures from coastal businesses in opposition to once again opening our waters to this dangerous and polluting practice. Firewire Surfboards has donated the beautiful wooden surfboard that will make the journey around our coast.


The Board will be touring through areas for about a week in each location. Please contact eorellana@surfrider.org if your business is interested in taking a stand to protect our coastal economy and marine environment.


SEPTEMBER 9th-13th Florida Keys

SEPTERMBER 14th -20th Miami/Dade

SEPTEMBER 21st – 27th Space Coast

SEPTEMBER 28th – OCTOBER 4th Palm Beach/Broward