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June 28, 2013

Victories in Florida!

This May, the Surfrider Foundation in Florida had two major victories- one in public access and another in coastal preservation.

Public Access Victory

In April, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection opened their Beach Management Funding Assistance Program for review and updating. This rule dictates how local governments receive funds for their beach nourishment projects. The proposed changes cut the public access criteria by 50%. Previously, in order to qualify for funding, projects were eligible if they had 100 public parking spaces. The new rule would allow projects to qualify with only 50 public parking spaces. After participating in three public meetings and submitting numerous comment letters, the Department of Environmental Protection has reversed their original changes and returned the original 100 parking space minimum.

Coastal Preservation Victory

This legislative session, we worked as a member of the Stronger Safer Coalition, which advocated for reform of Citizens Insurance and the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (CAT Fund). Reforming Citizens would help reduce subsidies for coastal development in high risk areas, like barrier islands. On May 29th, Governor Rick Scott signed SB 1770 into law. The new law ends state subsided insurance for new construction or substantial improvements seaward of the Coastal Construction Control Line or within the Coastal Barrier Resource System. Governor Scott commented, “This legislation will bring much needed reforms to better protect the taxpayers who support Citizens Property Insurance…. Additionally, this law helps protect the environment by removing subsidies for new construction in environmentally sensitive coastal areas.” 

Great work, Florida Chapters!

June 27, 2013

Show your volunteers some love!

Do you know an exceptional chapter volunteer? Do they consistently go above and beyond the call of duty? Recognize them with our Florida Volunteer of the Month Award! Just send their name, contact information, and a few lines on why you’re nominating them to Holly Parker.

June 19, 2013

Florida Chapters Celebrate ISD

It’s our favorite holiday- International Surfing Day! All of the Florida Chapters are celebrating ISD this week! Their events range from socials at local restaurants to kids surfing lessons to beach cleanups. Here’s how our chapters are celebrating:

6/20: Kids surfing lessons & movie night

Central Florida
6 /20: Movie night & party
6/22: Paddle boards & lake cleanup

Cocoa Beach
6/21: Movie night, beach clean up and party

Emerald Coast
6/20: Hangout & BBQ

First Coast
6/20: ISD party and 10th anniversary celebration

6/20: Beach day & hangout at Miami Beach

Palm Beach
6/20: Party at Ocean Magic Surf Shop

Sebastian Inlet
6/20: Party and ISD kickoff
6/22: Beach cleanup, surfing lessons, and party

6/20: Party at Bula Kafe
6/22: Beach clean up & after party

6/22: Kids eco-surf clinic

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