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September 14, 2015

Miami Beach Bans Foam

It has not been a short journey- it started years ago with a ban on foam coolers on all of Miami’s beaches. Earlier this year the ordinance grew to cover a foam ban on all city property. Then, on September 2nd, the Miami Beach City Commission voted to expand the foam ban to the entire City of Miami Beach. The ban includes coolers and foam foodware.  Miami Beach will begin enforcement with public education, then transition to a warning system, and finally to issuing fines for violations by November of 2016. More.

September 8, 2015

Volunteer of the Month: Alec Buchness

Alec Buchness, SI TreasurerAlec gathering signatures for the “Sign the Surfboard” Campaign

Congratulations to our September Volunteer of the Month, Alec Buchness! Alec currently serves as Vice Chair of the Sebastian Inlet Chapter, though that’s just one of the many hats he wears as a chapter activist and volunteer!

” Alec Buchness has his hands in everything our chapter does. No task is too big, none too small. Our chapter has multiple projects and campaigns ongoing at any given time; Alec is always the first to offer to help wherever there’s a need. He’s great at pulling together a group to tackle something that’s on a deadline. He’s poised for leadership whenever our cranky old chairman (me) steps down,” says Sebastian Inlet Chair Mike Daniel. “And in the truly-important skill department, he knows how to throw a good party. Just ask anyone who’s been to our International Surfing Day celebrations! “

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