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January 28, 2016

Florida Legislature wants to prohibit local communities from regulating EPS foam!

Late Wednesday night, Rep. Jake Raburn filed an amendment to HB7007 (a Department of Agriculture bill) to preempt all local polystyrene (aka “styrofoam”) regulations. The amendment was heard the following morning at 10am in the House State Affairs Committee, and despite overwhelming opposition from the public- passed. This is the last committee stop for this bill, now heading to the House floor.

This preemption is devastating to our coastal communities that are trying to keep EPS foam off their beaches and out of their waterways. We are going to fight tooth and nail to keep this bad preemption language out of the Senate companion bill.  Click here to read the bad amendment that is now part or HB 7007.

Click here to contact your legislators- it only takes a minute!

January 22, 2016

Action Alert: Bag Bill

Greetings Friends,

Great news- SB306, the plastic bag bill, successfully passed through its first committee stop in the Senate. Next it heads to the Senate Community Affairs Committee. Unfortunately, the bill has not yet moved in the House, so we need your help!

ACTION ITEM: Please contact Rep. Goodson, Chair of the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommittee, and ask him to put HB143, Disposable Plastic Bags, on the agenda ASAP!

Representative Goodson: (850) 717-5050

ACTION ITEM: Please contact Sen. Simpson, Chair of the Senate Community Affairs Committee, and ask him to put SB306, Disposable Plastic Bags, on the agenda ASAP!

Senator Simpson: 850-487-5018

You can also contact the members of the Community Affairs Committee to ask for their support when the bill is voted on:

Senator Brandes (850) 487-5022
Senator Abruzzo (850) 487-5025
Senator Bradley (850) 487-5007
Senator Dean (850) 487-5005 (Please thank him for his yes vote on the bag bill!)
Senator Diaz de la Portilla (850) 487-5040
Senator Hutson (850) 487-5006 (Please thank him for his yes vote on the bag bill!)
Senator Thompson (850) 487-5012

Click here for talking points
Click here to view the bill

Thank you for your support!

Holly Parker
Florida Regional Manager
Surfrider Foundation

January 18, 2016

Action Alert: Bag Bill in Committee

Greetings Friends,

SB306, the plastic bag bill, is moving in committee. We need your help contacting members of the Senate Environmental Preservation & Conservation Committee to ask for their support. The Committee will be voting on the bag bill on Wednesday, January 20th at 1:30pm.

Please call the members of this committee and ask them to vote YES on SB306, Disposable Plastic Bags.

Click here for talking points here.
Click here to view the bill.

Please contact the following committee members and voice your support for SB306:
Senator Dean, Chair: 850-487-5005 (please thank him for putting the bill on the agenda!)
Senator Simpson, Vice Chair: 850-487-5018
Senator Altman: 850-487-5016
Senator Evers: 850-487-5002
Senator Hays: 850-487-5011
Senator Hutson: 850-487-5006
Senator Simmons: 850-487-5010
Senator Smith: 850-487-5031
Senator Soto: 850-487-5014 (please thank him for co-sponsoring the bill)

You can also reach the committee members by email:,,,,,,,,

Join us in Tallahassee!

Please consider joining us in Tallahassee to speak in support of this bill on Wednesday, January 20th at 1:30pm in the Mallory Horne Committee Room (37 Senate Office Building). If you’re traveling to Tallahassee, sick around for Surfrider Foundation’s Lobby Day on Thursday, January 21st. We’ll be advocating for the bag bill, cigarette litter reform, and much more! Details and registration here.


Holly Parker
Florida Regional Manager
Surfrider Foundation



January 13, 2016

Surfrider Foundation’s 2016 Legislative Priorities

The 2016 Legislative Session kicked off on January 12th and already things are off to a busy start. This year the Florida Chapters of the Surfrider Foundation will be focusing on three major issue areas:

1. Single Use Plastic Bags: Representative Richardson and Senator Bullard have filed Disposable Bags (HB143/S306), which would allow coastal  municipalities with populations under 100,000 to create a pilot program to regulate or ban single-use plastic bags. Right now it’s against the law for cities to ban, tax or regulate plastic bags!

2. Cigarette Smoking: Senator Altman and Representative Moraitis have filed Regulation of Smoking (HB4063/S1554) which gives local communities the ability to ban smoking on their beaches, parks and sidewalks. Cigarette butts are most frequent type of litter found on our beaches

3. Sea-level Change: Representative Jacobs and Senator Clemens have filed Weather Impacts (HB1223/S1544) which, among other things, creates an interagency workgroup to share information, coordinate ongoing efforts, & collaborate on initiatives relating to weather events including sea-level change.

Want to help? Join us on January 21st for Florida Coasts & Oceans Lobby Day in Tallahassee!

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