Bag Bill Action Alert!

The Senate Environmental & Preservation Committee is going to hear a good plastic bags bill this Thursday morning!

SB 0830 Carryout Bags by Sen. Bullard will allow local governments to adopt ordinances that prohibit stores from handing out free plastic bags, and will require a ten-cent charge for each recyclable paper bag. Customers are free to supply their own bags.

The bill sets uniform statewide standards for cities and counties that want to implement plastic bag rules. At least half of the 10 cent fee will go to education with the remainder to go to the store to cover expenses.

The bill provides that the bag ordinance can only apply to large stores meeting at least $2 million in gross annual sales, or that have at least 10,000 square feet of floor space.

Talking Points:

  • It is estimated that Americans go through about 100 billion plastic bags a year, or 360 bags per year for every man, woman, and child in the country.
  • Plastics comprise up to 90% of floating marine debris, and up to 80% of the plastic in our oceans comes from land-based sources.
  • An estimated 100,000 marine mammals and up to 1 million sea birds die every year after ingesting or being tangled in plastic marine litter.
  • The bill will reduce litter and the problems caused by plastic bags in stormwater management systems (they clog them up).
  • SB 830 gives authority back to local governments by allowing them to opt-in to these uniform standards.
  • Support SB 830 and help Florida take the first step toward protecting our environment and wildlife from the harmful impacts of single use plastics.

Please CALL TODAY and urge Committee members to vote ‘YES’ on Carryout Bags.


Sen. Charles S. Dean, Chair
(850) 487-5005

Sen. Joseph Abruzzo, Vice Chair
Palm Beach
(850) 487-5025

Sen. Thad Altman
Brevard, Orange, Seminole
(850) 487-5016

Sen. Dwight Bullard
Collier,Hendry, Miami-Dade, Monroe
(850) 487-5039

Sen. Jeff Clemens
Palm Beach
(850) 487-5027

Sen. Andy Gardiner
Brevard, Orange
(850) 487-5013

Sen. Denise Grimsley
Highlands,Martin,Okeechobee,Osceola,Polk,St. Lucie
(850) 487-5021

Sen. Jack Latvala
(850) 487-5020

Sen. Wilton Simpson
(850) 487-5018

Sen. Darren Soto
(850) 487-5014